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Product Care


The calf leathers used to make our shoes are durable and have a classic shine. To keep them in good condition, avoid wearing them in heavy rain. Be sure to clean them with a lint free cloth after wearing, dampening the cloth if necessary. Keep them stored away from sunlight and stuff the inside with tissue to help them keep their shape.


We use soft and supple calf leathers, with a natural grain for our bags. It is possible to scratch these leathers, so take care to avoid sharp objects. To keep the leather in good condition, avoid getting them wet and clean with a lint free cloth, dampening the cloth, only if necessary. The internal structure of the bag is a 3D printed shell that can be damaged or warped if subject to unnecessary force. Do not drop the bag, allow heavy objects to rest or fall on it and to close the lid properly to avoid damage. Store the bag in the provided dust bag and away from sunlight when not in use.